'What is Green Spirituality?'

GreenSpirit ebook series

Edited by
Marian Van Eyk McCain

With contributions by:

Niamh Brennan, Brendan Caulfield-James,
Susan Meeker-Lowry, Janice Dolley,
Alison Leonard, Emily Kimball,
Malcolm Hollick, Claudia Van Gerven,
Victoria Field, Mary Kelson,
Michael Colebrook and Joan Angus

This is the introductory volume in an inspiring series of ebooks about green spirituality, a type of spirituality that fits into no particular category of religion or spiritual belief system and yet is fully compatible with - and draws millions of adherents from - almost all of them.

Green spirituality is based on a love of the Earth, the intrinsic value of all life forms, and a deep respect for the integrity of ecosystems and for the importance of biodiversity. It includes a belief in the total interconnectedness of the cosmos and offers a sense of identity rooted in being part of - and interdependent with -  'all that is.' It regards Nature as a great teacher and as a revelation of the divine and holds ideals of peace, social justice, ecological justice, low-impact living and sustainability

The book describes and illustrates, through the well-blended voices of thirteen writers, the basic concepts and expressions of this rapidly growing kind of spiritual attitude in today's world - what it is, where it comes from, who practises it and how and why. It covers a wide range of subject matter, from personal stories of spiritual awakening to scientific facts about the composition of soil and includes philosophical musings, practical suggestions, inspirational essays and poetry. 

As human beings, our spirituality - whether consciously acknowledged or not - helps to shape our attitude to life, and this attitude deeply affects our behaviour, both as individuals and as members of society. It is only when we approach problems with the right attitude that solutions start to appear.

The green spiritual attitude is the one that holds out to us the best hope of finding ways to solve our current planetary dilemmas and social and ecological crises, since it is the only one that can put us, perhaps for the first time in thousands of years, in complete harmony with the planet's ecosystems instead of in conflict with them.

Subsequent ebooks in this series deal with the application of these green spiritual ideas to various aspects of our lives and society such as education, politics, economics, psychology, law, food and farming, travel, lifestyle, art & culture, social welfare, health and healing, crafts and music, relationships with other life forms, science and technology, ecology, religion, celebration and ceremony.

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  1. Wonderful blend of ideas that creates a sound foundation of "knowing" that we are the Earth and not just existing ON it.


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