The first in a series of very low-cost ebooks was published by GreenSpirit (via Smashwords and Kindle) at the end of September 2012. This is an introductory volume entitled What is Green Spirituality? and it aims to provide a comprehensive overview of what green spirituality is. 

Further volumes in the series deal with the application of these green spiritual principles to various different aspects of life and culture, such as education and parenting: politics: economics: law: farming, food and cooking: travel: literature:  religion: culture and the arts: health and healing: crafts and music:  cosmology: evolution, ecology: personal spiritual practice and ritual:  green lifestyles: psychology:  science:  relationships with other species: celebration and ceremony.

Each new volume, as it is published, has its own page here (see list of titles at left) and also on the GreenSpirit website under 'Publications.' 

All these ebooks are available for purchase and download at a nominal price in all ebook formats, including Kindle, and you can click through to the download sites from each book's page. And all are downloadable free to GreenSpirit members.

(Click here to go to the GreenSpirit home page, where you can find out about the organization known as GreenSpirit, its aims and objectives, other publications, free newsletter, upcoming events etc and how to become part of this movement.)