Saturday, 31 May 2014

Come and Meet 'All Our Relations' Contributor Eleanor O'Hanlon in September

The first story in our GreenSpirit ebook All Our Relations is from Eleanor O'Hanlon. Her beautiful description of her meeting with the mother whale who brought her calf up to the boat to say hello has been delighting the hearts of our readers ever since last year when All Our Relations--and Eleanor's own book Eyes of the Wild--were both published. Eyes of the Wild has since won the prestigious Nautilus Award for Nature Writing and I am sure you will join me in congratulating Eleanor for this great achievement.


Now, those readers in England who would like to meet with Eleanor and  listen to some more of her experiences in the wild can do so at this talk/workshop in September at Sutton Courtenay in Oxfordshire

The Peace of The Wild
An Evening of Stories, Images and Inner Connection with the Animal Powers
 with Eleanor O'Hanlon and Stephen Pope
at The Abbey Sutton Courtenay on Friday 26 September, 2014
 The Peace of The Wild comes to us when we consciously meet with life in the natural world, and sense this wholeness in our very being. Author Eleanor O’Hanlon speaks about conscious meetings with wild creatures from the Gray Whales in Baja California to the Wolves of the Russian Forest, and the Polar Bears on the Artic Ice.  

"Looking into the whale's dark eye, gazing up at me through the water, I meet the lucid and tranquil gaze of an ancestor, one of the ancient ones of the Earth. I feel her taking me out of thought and linear time, beyond the limited concerns of my ordinary mind, into a profound sense of meeting with another being, whose consciousness is not separate from my own."
From 'Eyes of the Wild' 
Through the inner peace of Presence we find depth and fullness to life beyond the thinking mind and realize our connection with the whole of mind. In meditations on the conscious breath, Stephen Pope helps us to access that Presence within, which marks the end of all our destructive behaviour to our fellow creatures and the natural world.

Continue that sense of inner connection by joining Eleanor and Steve for the workshop on Saturday and Sunday 27/28 September. Total price of £190 for both events includes two nights accommodation and food at the Abbey.

Eleanor O’Hanlon is a writer and conservationist. Her book Eyes of the Wild won the 2014 Nautilus Gold Award for Nature Writing. Stephen Pope is the author of Patterns of Creation (Axis Mundi Books) He has been teaching meditation and the Western Mystical Tradition for over twenty years.

7 - 9pm Tickets by donation at the door                                                   £12 suggested donation
The Abbey Sutton Courtenay, Oxon OX14 4AF
01235 847 401

Monday, 17 March 2014

The fourth book in our series has now been published

Steve Wollaston's book Rivers of Green Wisdom has been published today - St Patrick's Day, so a 'green' title could not be more appropriate!

This the first of two volumes that will trace the threads of green spirituality in the world's main wisdom traditions.

Click here for more details